Airlens Car Air Sanitizer I Sanitizes Viruses, PM1, PM2.5, Gases, Bacteria & Allergens I N99 Level Protection for Cars I Cleans air in 2 Minutes with Award Winning AMT Technology


Price: ₹ 1,250.00 - ₹ 1,249.00
(as of Dec 20,2020 12:00:09 UTC – Details)

✅ 3-LAYER FILTRATION: Dust and pollen gets captured first, second AMT layer for VIRUSES, PM1, 2.5 & 10, BACTERIA and GERMS last layer traps HARMFUL GASES like SOx and NOx and odour
✅ COST SAVINGS: Costs 1/10th of car air purifiers & takes no extra space as its dependent on car’s own fan system
✅ AWARD WINNING TECH: Uses World’s first Active Molecular Technology to attract pollutants and capture them without hampering the flow of air
✅ TAKE A DEEP BREATH: You’ll find a significant difference in the freshness of the air inside your car like everyone else who uses this product


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