Parkpure Atom Red Air Purifier


Price: ₹ 1,499.00 - ₹ 854.00
(as of Apr 12,2021 16:00:15 UTC – Details)

Often, we feel that just by rolling up our windows and switching on the air conditioning in our car, we are protecting ourselves from the heavy pollution on the roads, however it may come as a shock that car interiors can be 10 times more polluted than the outdoors!
Furthermore, there exists a big misconception that Air Conditioners purify the air within the vehicle.

Harmful PM2.5 particles such as smoke, soot, dust, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and other allergens are small enough to enter through our nose and settle deep within our lungs. Vehicular pollutants pose a wide range of threats to health causing headaches, reduced stamina and lung capacity, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, skin allergies which further lead to chronic diseases such as Asthma, TB etc.

Presenting Park Pure Atom that purifies the Air using Anion technology to make your cars pollutants free. It works on the principle of using Negative Ions to neutralize the pollutants in the air. It uses electrical charge to produce stream of negative ions which removes microscopic participles from the air. The negative ions seek out positively charged particles. Once the negative and positive ions bond together, PM2.5 particles become larger in size – too heavy to float and no longer affect the air quality of our surroundings.

How it Works:
– Plug into the cigarette/adaptor
– Blue LED light will illuminate
– It will immediately start working and dispelling PM2.5 Particles.
– It produces a soft humming sound.

Plugs into the Car Adaptor and begins cleaning the air immediately. No filter Replacement/Maintainance Required!
Anions help Improve breathing, lung capacity and energy levels. They are found naturally near waterfalls and in forests.
Cool Blue LED gives an Ambient lighting to the vehicle at night
Internationally Certificatied by CE, FCC, RoHS


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