SCHOFIC Reusable Rubber Stretchable Hand Gloves for Washing Cleaning (Large, Yellow)


Price: ₹ 250.00 - ₹ 160.00
(as of Mar 06,2021 12:00:10 UTC – Details)

Best Quality Latex Rubber Gloves These latex gloves are the best solution for all cleaning supplies! It is perfect to use at home will cooking or baking; great for outdoor cleaning or planting, and it is also super to be used will fixing and working with woods due to its durable puncture proof makeup which won’t let splinters through. These Gloves have Many Super Characteristics which makes it the #1 Glove you wish to have. ✓Excellent fit for comfort sensitivity & safety. ✓ High anti tear properties. ✓ Beaded cuff for tear resistance ✓ It comes in a few sizes to fit perfectly and comfortable for small or larger hands. ✓And much, much, more. It is designed to be Ambidextrous for easy use,and it is absolutely Powder Free The Latex Gloves are designed strong enough to resist: Acids, Alkalies, and Ketones It is also Ideal for: Packaging, Restaurants, Janitorial, Food processing, Gardening, and Household chores. So do not hesitate Stock up NOW on this one Great box with 100 Super latex gloves and you will always be able to enjoy it safely and comfortable.

Are you doing your House Chores with torn gloves? STOP it today, these durable latex gloves are designed with a beaded cuff for tear resistance and high quality anti tear properties you will be able to do your entire home and outdoor chores with the safest best quality gloves which will comfortably fit you and enable you to enjoy your cleaning and washing. They are chemical resistance gloves so it will protects your hands from harsh detergents, hot water, household cleaners, bleach & dye.
Just in time to refresh your Garden! Stock up on these “Fabulous” comfortable Latex Gloves which are well designed for you to comfortably Step into your lawn and make it into a Fascinating Garden. It is tear resistant so you will be able to plant safely and easily without getting muddy or dirty. These Latex Gloves have an excellent fit and comfort feel to ensure you a safe and easy “Gardening Experience”!
These Latex Gloves are made from the finest natural rubber latex which prevents allergy reactions. It is also ideal for all sensitive skin types.
Powder-free glove leaves no residue, helping to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria compared to a powdered glove


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