SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Royal Designer GT03 Cast Iron 3 Burner Gas Stove


Price: ₹ 9,000.00 - ₹ 2,314.00
(as of Apr 06,2021 06:00:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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This glass top gas tables from Suryajwala is a compact gas tables are thoughtfully designed to consume less space in the kitchen. This gas stove come with toughened glass top for cleaning convenience. The burner design allows you to cook faster and more efficiently. Crafted with stainless steel body, this gas stove is a combination of performance, efficiency and good looks. For any service related issues just drop a WhatsApp message on +91-9354146797 and the service team will contact you.

Auto IgnitionAuto Ignition

Auto Ignition Feature


PiezoElectric Technology for Long Life and Ease of Use

A piezoelectric transformer is a type of AC voltage multiplier. The piezoelectric transformer uses acoustic coupling. An input voltage is applied across a short length of a bar of piezoceramic material such as PZT, creating an alternating stress in the bar by the inverse piezoelectric effect and causing the whole bar to vibrate. A higher output voltage is then generated across another section of the bar by the piezoelectric effect.

Long Life of Auto Ignition System

Very Easy to Use

Low to No Maintenance

Auto Ignition for Quick & Easy Use

Battery Less Auto Ignition

The Auto ignition feature of the product is the UPS of the product. The Battery Less auto ignition saves time and provides efficiency in daily working. No more looking for match sticks. No lighter required. No more changing of batteries every month.

No Match Stick Required

No Lighter Required

No Batteries Required









Heavy Duty Burners.

Heavy Duty C.I. Burners provide gas efficiency and perfect flame for Faster cooking.

Anti Slip ABS Legs.

Specially Designed Anti Slip Legs. Sturdy and elegant, the ABS legs provide stability to the Gas Stove.

360 Degree Rotating Inlet Nozzle.

The Gas Stove is fitted with a 360 Degrees Rotating Gas Inlet Nozzle. This feature provide convenience and ease for providing the gas inlet for the stove. The Nozzle can be turned in any direction depending on the Gas pipeline location.

Easy Grip Knobs for Smooth Operation

Ergonomically designed knobs are very easy to grip and helps in smooth operation.


Ample of Space between the Burners for Large Utensils.

The product is designed in such a way that it provides maximum space between the burners, still the product takes up very little space on the kitchen slab. The gap between the burner is of 27 cms. Still the size of the product is compact enough to fit on a small kitchen counter. This designing provides maximum utilization of space in your kitchen. Compact product that provides enough space for your large utensils.



This product is designed to be used with Domestic LPG Cylinder only. This product can not be used with PNG Pipeline Gas.

Heavy duty cast iron burners ; Burner Type: Cast Iron ; Number of Burners: 3 ; Body Material: Steel ; Gas Inlet Nozzle Tyle: 360 Degree Rotating Nozzle
Compact design to suit your kitchen
Auto ignition gas stove, no need for a lighter
Easy to clean and maintain
For lpg cylinder only
Color: Black


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